• I am thankful for Nancy's guidance and support in identifying triggers and ways to overcome eating in a positive way that benefits my health all around. In working with Nancy, I was able to think more critically about my habits and behaviors-why they are what they are, are they serving me, and asked myself, 'what small change can I make for consistency.'

    Nicole, December 2020
  • It was truly a pleasure working with you. I felt such a wonderful connection to you from the second we introduced ourselves. Here's to a fabulous 2021! Stay healthy and be well.

    Genevieve, January 2021
  • What have you found most valuable in working with Nancy?

    • Nancy helped my otherwise overly-analytical brain strip away the fluff and really hone in on my thought process and feelings. Her supportive and kind demeanor helped in an otherwise crazy time for me.

    • Nancy held me accountable and encouraged me to continue to find ways of anchoring.

    • Nancy really cared about making sure I got out of the program, what I wanted to get out of the program.

    • Her experience and her patience. Nancy individualized her coaching based on each person and their lifestyle need.

    • Nancy was amazing support both individually and within group. I was skeptical how it was going to be and she made it very “normal”.

    • It was great having someone hold me accountable.

    • Without a doubt, I knew Nancy was there when I needed her.

    Feedback from a corporate client Whole Food Plant-Based lifestyle and health coaching program, January 2021
  • Hi Nancy! This is a flash from the past. I thought you'd like to hear that I continue to have success in losing weight and overall feeling better. I am still only partially Whole Food Plant-based (WFPB), but I have set a goal that one dinner a week is WFPB. I still eat my salad at lunch and when I do have breakfast and snacks it is WFPB. In any event, you started me on a journey that I continue and I am pleasantly surprised that my clothes are looser and I have gradually lost weight. I hope all is well with you and I'm sure you continue to help those you are coaching, like you helped me!

    Laura, February 2021
  • Nancy always found ways to challenge me in my thinking or when I needed answers. Accountability for me is huge. She kept me on track by reminding me of my own words and goals.

    James, February 2021
  • I don't think I could have done what I did without Nancy’s support, praise, and acknowledgements. I am truly grateful for Nancy’s insight and guidance.

    Anna, March 2021
  • I feel great. Over 3 months you have helped me ‘breathe’ and supported me in creating tools to keep consistent. Many thanks Nancy!

    Hannah, July 2021