• I am thankful for Nancy's guidance and support in identifying triggers and ways to overcome eating in a positive way that benefits my health all around. In working with Nancy, I was able to think more critically about my habits and behaviors-why they are what they are, are they serving me, and asked myself, 'what small change can I make for consistency.'

    Nicole, December 2020
  • It was truly a pleasure working with you. I felt such a wonderful connection to you from the second we introduced ourselves. Here's to a fabulous 2021! Stay healthy and be well.

    Genevieve, January 2021
  • What have you found most valuable in working with Nancy?

    • Nancy helped my otherwise overly-analytical brain strip away the fluff and really hone in on my thought process and feelings. Her supportive and kind demeanor helped in an otherwise crazy time for me.

    • Nancy encouraged me to continue to find ways of anchoring.

    • Nancy really cared about making sure I got out of the program, what I needed.

    • Her experience and her patience. Nancy individualized her coaching based on each person and their lifestyle need.

    • Nancy offered amazing support both individually and within group. I was skeptical but she made it very “normal”.

    • It was great having someone hold me accountable.

    • Without a doubt, I knew Nancy was there when I needed her.

    Feedback from several corporate clients in a Lifestyle and Health Coaching Program, January 2021
  • Hi Nancy! This is a flash from the past. I thought you'd like to hear that I continue to have success in losing weight and overall feeling better. I am still only partially Whole Food Plant-based (WFPB), but I have set a goal that one dinner a week is WFPB. I still eat my salad at lunch and when I do have breakfast and snacks it is WFPB. In any event, you started me on a journey that I continue and I am pleasantly surprised that my clothes are looser and I have gradually lost weight. I hope all is well with you and I'm sure you continue to help those you are coaching, like you helped me!

    Laura, February 2021
  • Nancy always found ways to challenge me in my thinking or when I needed answers. Accountability for me is huge. She kept me on track by reminding me of my own words and goals.

    James, February 2021
  • I don't think I could have done what I did without Nancy’s support, praise, and acknowledgements. I am truly grateful for Nancy’s insight and guidance.

    Anna, March 2021
  • I feel great. Over 3 months you have helped me ‘breathe’ and supported me in creating tools to keep consistent. Many thanks Nancy!

    Hannah, July 2021
  • Nancy, I would like to thank you for being a guide, mentor, and friend on my journey through life's most challenging and darkest times. The one on one guidance in coaching me with deep and insightful questions into my own thought patterns while adding just enough light to let me see the lighthouse on the shore of my own values and life truths without becoming overwhelmed. Your experience showed in the consistent and positive mentorship which allowed me to find again my inner strength, my courage, and my voice. Throughout these last several years, your commitment in time, effort, advice, and care has been so greatly appreciated and needed. Thank you for shining your light to allow me to find my way out of the storm.

    Holly, January 2022