• The essence of coaching is a creative process. I partner with you to help you connect dots, discover new pathways, imagine new possibilities and develop new mindsets.

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  • Would you like to create a compelling lifestyle, health and wellness program for your organization and foster vitality, productivity and meaningful growth for your employees.

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Hello, I'm Nancy

I'm a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

I help people discover their best self, as they choose sustainable lifestyle changes to support their goals for healthy well-being.

I help guide people to understand that health is more than your weight or a lab number, it is about your overall health and wellness, and the balance you create. Almost everything in life impacts your health, and the key is to find what has meaning and importance and draw on your core strengths.

I partner with you to support you where you are at, while letting you explore the behaviors you wish to shift, the patterns you want to change and the action steps you decide to take. I motivate and help hold you accountable, while celebrating your successes and breakthroughs.

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What Colleagues are Saying!

  • I worked with Nancy for 2.5 years, 2018-2020, at Barton Health, in Lake Tahoe. As an institution, Barton was very fortunate to have had Nancy’s breadth of experience and skill in organizational frameworks and health coaching.

    Nancy is able to meet clients wherever they are on their journey to better health. She is both insightful and creative in crafting pathways tailored to clients. Her compassion and ability to withhold judgement are inborn assets rather than something she only encountered through coursework. She understands the importance of incremental change and has a good understanding of the physiology of the chronic conditions which are avoidable through lifestyle change.

    Nancy models and effectively coaches better health through nutrition, regular exercise, stress and work/life balance, and having a sense of purpose in life. She effectively helps with the whole package! She can be a trusted partner in in anyone’s journey to good health.”

    Gregory Bergner, M.D. Dip/ACLM
  • Nancy is a rock star at what she does and any team that gets the opportunity to work with her will be better because of it. Not only is Nancy incredibly skilled at coaching and program development but she also has a natural intuition for navigating complex situations and a kindness that inspires everyone around her.

    Nancy worked with us on the development. implementation and analysis of a brand new workplace wellness program that was remarkably successful. Her unmatched work ethic, attention to detail, and years of experience were critical to the program's success. I highly recommend Nancy for any position in the health coaching, program development and clinical work spaces both on the implementation and the leadership levels."

    Micah Risk Founder & Head of Nutrition at Lighter, April 2021
  • If you are looking for someone to develop your Health Coaching Program then Nancy is your person. I would recommend Nancy to any forward-thinking Health Care System or Health and Fitness Company. She would improve the skills of your staff in building better relations and accountability of your clients.

    Nancy would improve your client reach and retention. She has vast experience in several fields making her relatable and knowledgeable to talk with senior leadership and to a new client or patient. I would not hesitate in consulting with Nancy on future projects."

    Nick Ward ALTIS Programs Director February 2021
  • I worked with Nancy for three years launching an Integrative Health Coaching pilot program at the Veteran Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System. Nancy has been an integral part of its success and continuation over the past four years. In addition to her collaboration towards the health coaching program, I have seen Nancy successfully manage a clinical team at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital with genuine support and care towards her employees. It is clear that Nancy excels in the way in which she conducts herself and the remarkable level of attention to detail and thoroughness to any job she is given.

    Coming from sincere respect and admiration of her skill and passion for health and wellness, I would not hesitate to recommend Nancy for positions relating to clinical healthcare, exercise physiology and integrative health coaching."

    Claire Palomo Health Coach, Stanford University School of Medicine, November, 2016

Articles and Resources

  • Healing our Heart

    It is commonly understood that positive emotions directly impact our lives and influence our overall health and well-being. The seat of our emotions are most closely associated with our heart. When we think of love, healing or inner strength, images of our heart appear. In caring for our hearts, how might we align self-care with living our lives ‘in alignment’, the cornerstone for living our lives in balance?

  • Mind over Weight Matters

    Many of us are skeptical or discouraged about maintaining a healthy weight because we’ve been through endless diets and nutrition plans. It can be very difficult to think about our weight because we live in a society focused around food-based activities. Addressing the area of food, nutrition and weight is about changing your paradigm: your beliefs, approach and your relationship towards food and physical activity.

  • Igniting Your Sense of Purpose

    Create new possibilities in your life through the power of living with intention and awareness. Living in alignment with a sense of purpose gives our lives a solid foundation and allows for true meaning and joy to emerge.

  • Finding Your Confidence

    Confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind (your self-esteem and self-regard) and belief in your own ability, skills and experience. The actions of confidence come first; the feelings of confidence come later.

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