Healing our Heart

It is commonly understood that positive emotions directly impact our lives and influence our overall health and well-being. The seat of our emotions are most closely associated with our heart. When we think of love, healing or inner strength, images of our heart appear. In caring for our hearts, how might we align self-care with living our lives ‘in alignment’, the cornerstone for living our lives with balance?

Our four-chambered heart has an enormous capacity for healing and allowing us to develop into the person we want to be, the unique person we were designed to be, with the gifts that have been bestowed to us. It is wise to remember: we are stewards of our gifts, and the world asks and needs us to share these. Each of us is the co-creator in shaping what faces us in every aspect of life. So how do we guide our hearts to heal and bring us into living our best lives filled with love?

To be full hearted requires us to embrace life fully, versus half-heartedly; it asks us to bring our best self forward and recognize when we are in wrong placement, unreliable or inconsistent. It demands that we: say what we mean, do what we say, and say so when it is so.

An open heart allows us to experience new possibilities and states of being. It is impossible to give gratitude with a closed heart. We can ask ourselves, ‘where do I close my heart’, to others, to curiosity, to living openly. A closed heart harbors resentments, grudges and mistrust. An open heart invites healing, however, an individual must be mindful and present in order for healing to take place.

A clear heart creates safety. When we are not clear-hearted, we carry confusion and doubt. This is the chamber of discernment, and it requires patience. The opposite of discernment is scrutiny, that can have an unpublished agenda. In this state, too often we keep those we love at arm’s length, which fosters distrust in ourselves and the other person. A cloudy heart tends to normalize the abnormal. In choosing clarity, we are able to take right action. 

A strong heart is the place of courage, to be all of who we are in life. Strength is witnessed as being willing to take risks, move out of our comfort zone and do what is right. Where we are weak-hearted, we often appease, we are not challenged, and we avoid risks because we are afraid to fail. This is the place where we settle and avoid conflict. Whenever you take risks, it is always worth it ultimately, in opening ourselves to learning. 

Like a tree, we can open and strengthen our heart by fully nourishing our deep roots and keeping our branches wide open. Ultimately, healing is learning to trust life by opening ourselves to creativity, passion and love.            

How are you caring for your heart?

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