My Vision is to create compelling lifestyle, health and wellness programs that foster vitality, productivity and meaningful growth for your employees and clients.

My Mission is to support and empower the employees in your organization to become their best self by instilling improved energy, confidence, well-being and sustainable change.

What’s Included:

  1. I offer Individual Heath & Wellness Coaching
  2. I offer Group Heath & Wellness Coaching
  3. Group Workshop Facilitation
  4. I design, implement and deliver varied Health & Wellness Classes, Workshops and Programs

Group Coaching

Process: I facilitate behavior change by empowering participants to self-discover values, resources, and strategies that are individualized and meaningful. During interactions between group members, I ensure that the climate of the coaching process is maintained, inviting participants to speak from their own perspective and experience, listen without interruption, and not offer unsolicited opinions or advice. I provide the structure of the session, as well as educational content or tools/exercises for exploration to enhance the group coaching experience.

Overview: My goal is to establish a psychologically safe environment where all participants  feel accepted and supported. To do this, I manage the interpersonal dynamics of the group, including holding individuals to the established group agreements.

It is vital to build trust by respecting and paying attention to participants’ emotions, as well as words and behaviors. I work hard to identify any unease, conflict, discomfort or confusion, and address issues appropriately to optimize the safety and functioning of the group. My pledge is to model unconditional positive regard, truth, respect, empathy and care.

Outcomes & Results: Through Group Coaching my role is to identify and understand participants’ readiness for behavioral change, recognize and leverage their strengths, support group members in designing appropriate action steps to overcome obstacles, and move each group member toward defined actions steps, self-determined goals and long-term sustainable engagement.

Tracking progress over time is strongly linked to sustainable lifestyle change, so group members learn to track their own behavior, problem-solve, and observe the impact of their actions. The focus is more on the ‘journey’: individual growth, successes, setbacks and recognition of their own strengths and limitations, with reinforcement from the group members in supporting each other in this process.


If …

  • Your company is intent on improving the physical, emotional and mental health and well-being of your employees or the clients you support
  • You want to engage with an experienced Health  & Wellness Coach with expertise in lifestyle medicine, chronic disease and employee wellness
  • You wish to offer individual and group coaching that targets your Employee Wellness goals
  • You want to offer Wellness ‘Lunch and Learns’  or ‘Workshops’ that improve the knowledge and health of your staff or clients

If Yes, I Can Support Your Employees and Make a Difference!

I Offer …

Coaching Style

  • Lifestyle and Self-Assessments that help an individual better understand their purpose, goals and the steps needed to move forward in their well-being
  • Health coaching sessions that meet an individual where they are at, instill motivation, and encourage action and accountability
  • Exploration of individual patterns, obstacles and behaviors that limit forward progression

What are the benefits? Why do employees want to sign up?

  • Employees …..feel better and have more energy
  • Have fewer sick days
  • Have increased productivity
  • Less turnover
  • Satisfied and happy workforce

Program Features and Measurable Outcomes

  • I offer program development, implementation, and delivery
  • I assess your goals and current challenges to help tailor the program to your needs
  • Use of Health & Wellness Surveys and Assessments

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