Mind over Weight Matters

While healthy food choices and physical activity are important, they are only one component of managing weight and improving your health.

There is a large mental and emotional element to this everyday life-sustaining component to life. Just telling a person to simply eat more fruits and vegetables or limit other foods isn’t enough, nor does it work! Most of us have heard these messages.

This is where our mind, feelings and emotions come into play and limit our beliefs, and set up patterns of negative thoughts or feelings that impact our confidence and behaviors. For example, thoughts like these can reinforce negative actions: ‘Now that I’m older it is so much harder to maintain my weight and it doesn’t really matter anyway’, or ‘I’m so stressed out at work that managing a job and eating healthy is too big a challenge.’ Are you ready to shift towards positive self talk or beliefs and create more self-compassion in your approach?

Mind over Weight Matters is about you being healthy. Weight that you characterize as unhealthy is often a symptom that something is out of balance. It is only possible to create a sustainable balanced weight when you address the root cause, which may come from any number of reasons: physical (hormonal, thyroid, trauma), emotional (overeating or eating when angry, stressed, or sad), environmental (toxins) or mental (anxiety, depression and negative thought patterns).

Remember, our thoughts are powerful. Along with words and ‘mind-chatter’, the things we say to ourselves and then believe, are often the number one support tool we have to guide us towards positive behavior and actions and support our goals. When we don’t believe we can, we won’t. Is your mind chatter helping or holding you back?

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